Welcome to the new school year!


Doors open for student access at door #1 7:20am and classes start at 7:35am. 
***Important - Car riders will utilize what's called the "Delaware Trail Sweep."

A. When dropping children off in the morning, please access West Middle School from the access road North of Delaware Trail Elementary off of Hornaday Road. The entrance to West Middle School off Odell will not be accessible for dropping off students between 7:00 & 7:45am

B. Upon entering south of Delaware Trail, follow the access road around to West Middle School. Please proceed on the south side of West Middle School and follow the access road around to Door 1 on the west side of West Middle School.

C. Students should be let off in the "Student Drop Zone". This zone includes the sidewalk beginning at the southwest corner of West Middle School and ends at Door 1.

D. After dropping off students, drivers should wait patiently and follow the traffic out of West's parking lot at the northwest exit. This will exit onto Odell.

E. Student may not be dropped off on Odell Street.

Students are picked up in the same manner after school.