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Volunteer & Visitor Connection

Brownsburg Schools sincerely appreciates all of the volunteers and visitors who commit their time and energy to support the staff and students.  Schools and Parent Support Groups (PSGs) are always looking for volunteers for school fundraisers, Career Day, classroom help, etc.  The Brownsburg Education Foundation is another great place to give back to Brownsburg Schools. 

In an effort to keep our schools safe, all volunteers and visitors during the school day must complete an application form / criminal background check request and be approved prior to their first visit. Due to the state processing time, this form must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Click the button below to complete the online Background Check.  (will open in an pop-up window)

Volunteers and visitors will receive an email when their application is approved.  Applicants denied will be contacted via email and then will receive additional information regarding their status via U.S. Mail.  To verify the status of your Check (again, please allow 2 weeks), please contact the school in which you are requesting to volunteer or visit. 

If you want to find out more about volunteering at Brownsburg Schools, contact Vicki Murphy, Communications Coordinator at (317) 852-5726 or


Click here for the Volunteer Background Check