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Use of Facilities

The Brownsburg Community School Corporation encourages the appropriate use of the public facilities of the district. Appropriate uses include not-for-profit activities serving the continued growth and education of the residents of Brown and Lincoln Townships, and for-profit local community-based businesses. Facilities are generally not available to individuals residing outside Brown and Lincoln Townships.

To request the use of BCSC facilities:

If you are a BCSC Staff Member, please click Request a Facility from the menu on the right and then the Sign in with Microsoft link to access ML Schedules.

TO MAKE A FACILITY REQUEST AS A COMMUNITY MEMBER, click Request a Facility from the menu on the right and then log in with your username and password or click "Create a New Account". By Becoming a Requestor you are agreeing to the BCSC Facility Terms of Use.

For a video that will guide you through your facility use request, CLICK HERE.

  • Complete a Use of Facilities application form - when properly completed the form will automatically route to the appropriate building for their review.
  • Your application will be reviewed and a confirming e-mail will be issued to you. You can expect a response to your request within five business days.

Any questions or clarification, please email Regan Huff at