How to Become a Bus Driver

    1. Fill out an application online at
    2. Interview with the Transportation Department, if selected
    3. Process your background check
    4. Get the BMV manual; study for the test.  BCSC will give you the manual and give you pointers on how to study for this test.
    5. Take the 4 tests at the BMV (general knowledge, public passenger, school bus, and air brake)
    6. Bring a pass paper to the Transportation Office for a DOT drug screen and a physical voucher.
    7. Take the DOT drug screen and physical voucher to Hendricks Regional Health for processing
       a.  Make sure you get a hard copy of your physical; you will need it for step 8.
       b.  BCSC will pay for both the drug test and the physical
    8. Go to the BMV to get your permit (your expense)
    9. Bring your permit and physical to the Transportation Office for copies
    10. The transportation office will order your blue card and schedule you for the 3-day schooling.
    11. You will be scheduled with the trainer.  From here, BCSC will assist you with training.  You will be working with a certified trainer that will give you pointers in passing your skills test.
    12. Train on the bus with a certified trainer
    13. Pass your CDL road test with assistance from your BCSC trainer
    14. Go to the BMV to obtain your CDL license (your expense)
    15. Go to the Transportation Office and give them a copy of your CDL license
    16. Complete paperwork at Central Office (HR department) and obtain a badge
    17. You are now able to drive a school bus.
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