Recently Completed Projects


    In the winter of 2019, work began on a new Transportation and Maintenance facility at the site of the original location at 570 E. Airport Road.  The original Brownsburg Transportation and Maintenance Facility was built in 1984 when BCSC had just over 3,600 students and less than 40 buses. With a current bus fleet of 110 and enrollment over 9,200 students, significant renovations are long overdue.  The current bus fleet of 110 was utilizing the 88 available parking spaces and temporary overflow parking.  When the new facility opens, canopied parking will be available for a possible 147 buses with space for future expansion when necessary.   New staff parking, which had accommodated 120 vehicles for the 150 total staff members in Transportation and Maintenance, will allow for 179 spaces for staff.  Bus mechanics currently back buses in and out of repair bays because there isn't adequate space or exit doors to pull them through the garage.  The new facility will have 10 pull-through repair bays sized to allow a bus to be brought in on a wrecker without disconnecting the bus and pushing it into the work bay.  In order to preserve the condition of BCSC buses and prolong their use, a contractor visited the former facility periodically for bus wash.  The new facility will include an automatic bus wash that will save time and money.  At the end of the daily route at the former facility, returning buses could cause congestion along Airport Road as they filed in to the single entrance.  The addition of a second entrance on Odell Street will improve traffic in the area during these busy times.  


    In 2016, a series of widely-publicized community engagement sessions included over 230 community members. The end result was a solution to address enrollment growth in grades K-5 and 9-12, and failing infrastructure at Brownsburg High School. Through discussion, polling, and, collaboration, community members made a recommendation to the Brownsburg Board of School Trustees. The Board voted unanimously to move forward with the construction of an additional elementary, Lincoln Elementary, and to make necessary renovations and expansions to Brownsburg High School. The BHS project has widened hallways, added 23% more classroom spaces and expanded auditorium seating.  The final phase was completed in the summer of 2020.

    BHS-TV took frequent tours of the construction to air on student announcements.  CLICK HERE to see these videos

    CLICK HERE to see the BHS construction timeline.

    CLICK HERE to see past construction newsletters.


    Balancing the needs of our students and teachers with the financial impact to the community was a constant theme through the community engagement process. These projects will not increase the current school tax rate for any Brownsburg homeowner. In fact, 40% of homeowners and all businesses will see a decrease in their school tax rate.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail BCSC Communications Coordinator Vicki Murphy at