Harris Academy Guidance

  • Harris Logo Guidance Counselor:
    Sharren Popenfoose

    Guidance Hours: 
    Monday - Friday 7:20 am to 3:20 pm

    Course Information:
    Harris Academy offers teacher led classes for core subjects: Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. Virtual courses are offered for elective credits.

    The Harris Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch.  Juniors and seniors with no Block 3 class may leave campus for lunch.

  • Enrollment Guidelines:  These are the minimum* enrollment requirements:

    1. Students should have earned a minimum of one-half of the required credits toward earning a diploma prior to applying for entrance to Harris Academy.
    2. Students should have passed a minimum of one of the two Graduation Qualifying Exams (GQE) - English/Language Arts and/or Mathematics.

    * Other students may be accepted with the approval of the director and/or by the assignment of the Director for Secondary Education for Avon or the Assistant Superintendent for Brownsburg.

    Enrollment Process:

    1. Students must contact their home high school guidance counselor and notify him/her of their interest in attending Harris Academy.
    2. Students and parents must complete the Harris Academy application.
    3. Students must obtain their home high school  principal’s signature and parent(s) signature(s) on the application.
    4. Parents must call Harris Academy at 852-1010 to schedule an hour-long interview with the director prior to acceptance into Harris Academy.
    5. Immediately following the interview with the director, students must meet with the Harris Academy guidance counselor to discuss:

    •     course needs
    •     class schedule
    •     future plans

        Students will also complete a career inventory during this time.

    6. Upon acceptance, students will attend classes on the second school day following the interview with the director.