Enrollment FAQ


    Can my student attend Brownsburg schools if we do not reside in Brownsburg?
    Parents must reside in the Brownsburg school district in order to enroll their child.

    Where do I go to enroll my student and what paperwork is needed?
    All student enrollment is completed online. 
    Visit this page for more information and enrollment forms.

    Information that will help secondary counselors make informed placement decisions includes transcript from previous school, report cards, ISTEP+ and ECA testing results.

    If a child received special education services, 504 services, or ENL services, parents are asked to inform the person assisting with enrollment.

    When do I find out where my student will go to school?
    Once your enrollment application has been processed, you will be notified of school placement.  High School students will be contacted to set an appointment to complete their schedule. Every effort will be made to assign children to their home school; however, the School Corportation reserves the right to place children in a school to ensure balanced class sizes and program needs.

    What is the enrollment deadline?
    Principals begin putting class lists together for the coming school year in the spring.  Students who are not enrolled are not included on those initial class lists.  Late enrollment can impact class sizes.  While we accept students at anytime, early is better.

    Does my student have to take a placement test?
    Each kindergarten student is given a readiness assessment. Parents will be contacted by personnel from their child’s school to set up an appointment for the assessment. This assessment will be administered by a certified professional at each child’s school. The assessment lasts about 15 minutes. Parents will not sit with their child during the assessment.

    Students enrolling from a private (non-accredited) or home school will be required to take a placement test.

    What are the requirements for admission to kindergarten?
    A child must be five years old on or before August 1.

    Do you have another situation not covered here?
    Questions related to residency, enrollment of home‐schooled or private (non-accredited) school students, and guardianship should be directed to Kathy Adams, the Corporation Registrar at (317) 852‐5726 or kadams@brownsburg.k12.in.us