• Extended Play studentsExtended Play Studios is an extra-curricular club made up of students at Brownsburg High School that provides full-service video production services for events at the high school and around the BCSC campus.
    Students get real-world experience in live event production learning and fulfilling the roles of: Director, Technical Director, Graphics, Instant Replay, Audio, Camera, Play by Play, and Color Commentator.
    Extended Play Studios live streams various events that take place at BCSC including sporting events, commencement, and more (tentative schedule for the current season below).  They also provide content that can be played on-demand at www.bcsc.tv, and that airs on the BCSC-TV local access channel, Comcast 28.

    The club is free to join for any student at Brownsburg High School, and will give them valuable experience in the world of video production.  No matter if students are interested only as a hobby, or thinking about a career in TV Production, Extended Play Studios is the place for them.  To join, contact Mr. Good at BHS in room C1-406.