Harris Academy Staff
  • Harris Mission Statement:

    The faculty and staff of The Harris Academy will provide quality educational opportunities to promote each student's maximum potential, encourage lifelong learning, present a variety of interrelated challenges, and maintain democratic ideals in a positive educational environment structured to meet each student's individual needs, enabling students to become fully engaged citizens who can operate in a global society.

    Vision Statement:

    • To provide a learning community where all students are engaged in a challenging, personalized and flexible program of study; and
    • To inspire hope and garner mutual respect through multi-dimensional partnerships; and
    • To afford all students opportunities for academic and personal success, with the goal of becoming responsible, productive members of a global society.

    Core Beliefs:

    • All students can learn
    • Our efforts must empower students, not enable them
    • All students are valued and respected
    • All students will learn in a safe and secure environment