• The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees all school meal programs throughout the country.  The USDA has approved waivers that allow Brownsburg Community School Corporation to offer free meals – breakfast and lunch – to all students regardless of their current meal eligibility. This means that any BCSC student can receive school breakfast AND lunch free of charge!  This benefit has been extended until the END OF THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR!  A la carte items (food and beverages) will still be available at full price.

    What is included in a school lunch?  
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    The USDA want to ensure that any meal that is funded by the government meets nutrition qualifications. A school cannot be reimbursed for parts of a meal, the meal must be sold as a unit.

    What time does school breakfast begin?
    School breakfast will energize your child’s day and provide them with a healthy start. Breakfast is served at all schools after bus arrival/carpool and is open to anyone. Children who attend BASE can also participate.

    Will my child still use their meal account?
    Yes. Families can still deposit money into meal accounts for the purchase of ala carte foods and beverages. To request a refund or transfer of funds, please complete the following form:

    What if my child is an at-home learner?
    Free meals – hot lunch and cold breakfast for the following day - are offered to all at-home learners daily from 12:00 to 12:30 PM at Harris Academy.

    Will free meals be a cost to BCSC?
    No. This waiver is fully funded by the federal government and all costs to BCSC are fully reimbursed through federal funding. The federal programs that we are able to operate under due to this waiver also provide program simplification, which means that we can focus our team’s time and talents on preparing quality meals our students enjoy.

    Do I still need to complete a free/reduced-price meal application if I think I qualify?
    Yes.  Textbook assistance will still require a student to qualify for free or reduced-price via the meal application process in order to qualify for assistance.

    What if I don’t want to receive free meals?
    There will be no charge for reimbursable school meals, but if you would like to contribute the funds you may have spent to the BCSC Hunger Free Fund to support BCSC students in need of meal assistance in the future, CLICK HERE to email Nutirition Services and find out more.

Free or Reduced-Price Meal Benefits Information

  • The free and reduced-price meal application for the 2020-21 school year is now available.  It is important to note that a new application must be completed every year.  Please complete one application per household.  Some families are pre-qualified to receive free or reduced-price meal benefits and would have already received a letter in the mail this summer from the Nutrition Services department. If your family has already received a letter indicating you are pre-qualified for free or reduced-price meal benefits, please do not complete a meal application.


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    This institution is an equal opportunity provider

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