Enrollment Process

  • For New Enrollees Only

    All student enrollment is completed online and is not complete until the online forms and additional documentation is presented to the registrar. Parents must reside in the Brownsburg school district in order to enroll their child.  For additional information, please contact the appropriate registrar:Thumbs up kids

    High School - Rosa Cruz
    (317) 852-2258 Ext. 1606

    Grade K through 8
    - Kathy Adams
    (317) 852-5726 Ext. 2051

    - Katie Mitchell
    (317) 852-1046

    Documentation necessary for enrollment includes:

    Birth Certificate
    Immunization Records
    Proof of Residency in Brownsburg
    (examples: current utility bill, lease agreement, closing paperwork with parent name and Brownsburg address. A drivers license is not acceptable as proof of residency)
    Custody Papers
    (if applicable)
    Completed Enrollment forms

    Please click on the links below to access our online forms.  You can attach electronic copies of the above forms or copies can be delivered to the Registrar.

    2018-2019 Student Enrollment Forms - Start Date August 2, 2018
    Current students (including the Brownsburg Early Childhood Center) do not need to complete Enrollment forms - only students new to BCSC.

    2018-2019 Immunization Requirements

    Questions related to residency, enrollment of home-schooled or private (non-accredited) school students, early entrance to kindergarten, and guardianship should be directed to the School Corporation Registrar at (317) 852-5726.