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Health Services

Mission Statement:

"Keeping education a priority by promoting health and encouraging physical and social wellness in a safe and nurturing environment for students, families and staff."


Student health Staff



Student Health Forms & Information

The State of Indiana Department of Health issues immunization requirements for students attending public schools in Indiana. Documentation of these vaccinations must be on file at school. The State of Indiana gives BCSC the authority to EXCLUDE children from school without proper immunization or documentation.
For more information regarding immunization requirements:

2014-2015 School Year (Note change to Kindergarten Requirements)

CLICK HERE or on the BCSC Forms Button above to access all Health Forms for your student.

All scheduled medications sent on field trips must be in their original prescription container with a pharmacy label.  Medications may not be repackaged into envelopes or baggies of any kind.  Only the required quantity of scheduled medications to be administered while on the field trip will be sent with the student’s teacher or corporation staff member in the original prescription medication container.
Emergency medications such as asthma inhalers, seizure medications, anaphylaxis medications and diabetic medications must be sent in their original prescription containers with a pharmacy label.

Please take a moment to read the following information on two very serious, highly contagious, but preventable diseases - pertussis and meningitis.
CLICK HERE to read information about Pertussis
CLICK HERE to read information about Meningitis

Quick Facts About Norovirus (stomach flu)

Student Health

Transportation Department

To find bus stop and schedule information for your registered BCSC Student:

  • You will need your student's grade level and a valid home street address.  The address must be entered in two parts - the house number and complete street name (County Road 400 N).  Do not include punctuation.  If you receive " Home Street Not Found-Closest Match", click on the drop down, select the correct street then click on "Use Selected Match".
  • St. Malachy students should select a high school grade as they will ride a high school bus.
  • If you have difficulties with the routing system or any other questions regarding transportation of your student, contact us at 852-6813.

Routing information for the 2014-2015 school year is available when you CLICK HERE.

To review the student Code of Conduct, please see student handbooks.  You can find them by clicking the BCSC Forms button above.


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