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Use of Facilities FAQ

Can I hold a wedding reception or other private event in a BCSC facility?  Unfortunately, school policy does not permit holding private events in school facilities.

Can I hold my child’s youth league sports practice on school grounds?  If you are interested only in holding a practice on an open, unfenced lawn area, no further action is needed on your part.  BCSC works with many of the youth sports leagues and does not limit the use of open/unfenced lawn areas or fields.

If you wish to reserve a specific field facility, submit a Use of Facilities application for that field stating your requested dates and times.  Please note, when you reserve a field, there will be a charge for that reserved use.

Where can I have access to a track to walk or run?  When not in use for school or other reserved activities, the West Middle School track is open for access by residents to run or walk.  Please, no roller blading, skateboarding, bikes or other activities that would damage the surface, and no pets.

Where can I have access to tennis courts?  The West and East Middle School Tennis Courts are available for public use during daylight hours when school is not in session.  Lighting systems are not available for public use after dark.

Can I conduct private tennis lessons at the tennis courts?  Since the middle school tennis courts are open for public use, there is no process or charge if you wish to conduct one-on-one lessons.  Operation of a for-profit tennis training camp that would preclude residents from using the courts would be prohibited.  The for-profit exclusion on Use of Facilities will not permit BCSC to approve a request to reserve courts for such a program.

My requested use is at multiple sites – do I need multiple applications?  Yes, in order to properly review and schedule an event in multiple locations, a Use of Facilities application needs to be submitted for each site.  Please note on each application that you are requesting multiple sites for the same event.

Can space be reserved for church services?  BCSC will approve the short-term use of school facilities for use in religious services.  Use will be approved on an annual basis with not more than two annual extensions of the agreement.  Generally such use is handled through a letter of agreement stipulating payment and use terms.

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